Where is my seller?

The last anyone heard from the lady who is selling the house I am purchasing was in early July.

The Homebuyer’s Survey had thrown up some damp issues and I decided to get an additional Damp Survey. That found a number of smaller issues but nothing big, which was a big relief. However, the survey gave estimated prices for fixing all these small issues and they really started to add up – to around £6,000 to sort everything out.

I decided to ask the seller if we could split the costs by reducing the price by £3,000. I wrote an email to the estate agent setting my position out and a couple of days later, the estate agent got back to me saying the seller had asked for a copy of the survey. I forwarded it on and waited.

And waited.

After a week or so I chased up the estate agent who in turn said she’d chase the seller.

I waited again.

A week later, I chased again. The estate agent didn’t get back to me that time (but estate agents are a whole separate blog post). I followed up a few days later and the estate agent eventually came back to me by email:

Well at least she’s trying.

Since then, I’ve emailed once a week but had no joy. I’ve even tried telling the estate agent that I’m going to start viewing other properties. She was very apologetic, but she just can’t get hold of the seller.

It’s now been six weeks since the estate agent has been able to get hold of the seller. I don’t know what’s happened – hopefully nothing serious. But I feel a bit lost. I don’t know what I’m supposed to do now.


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